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Join Ruralco as a Ruralco Card Supplier

Why join us?

Joining the Ruralco Supplier network can offer huge potential to your business with direct access to 20,000 cardholding farmers and their families (Ruralco Cardholders) throughout New Zealand. You’ll be able to capture the spend from new customers and consolidate relationships with your regulars. 

As part of the partnership you will gain access to:

  • A dedicated representative to assist with driving spend and growing your business
  • Guaranteed cashflow with payment on the 20th of the month, or 15th for exclusive suppliers. If either date falls on a weekend, payment is made the next business day.
  • Convenient and targeted promotion options. Participate in direct marketing options to cardholders through print, digital and events. 
  • Your own Ruralco Card/s so you too can leverage your purchasing power
  • A network of other businesses, contacts and opportunities

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Great benefits await Ruralco Suppliers.

How to join us

The supplier network is the backbone of Ruralco and our link with Ruralco Cardholders. As we expand, we are looking to continually improve our offering to cardholders through our suppliers. Qualities we are looking for in our suppliers are:

  • Offer services and/or products which are of value to our cardholders
  • Passion for the local community, farming and your business
  • The potential to put transactions through Ruralco
  • The ability to offer a meaningful discount to our cardholders
  • Willingness to invest in a two way partnership with Ruralco

If you think this sounds like you, or you would like to talk to a representative about becoming a supplier, complete this form and we’ll be in touch.