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Ruralco Mobilcard questions

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My card is lost or stolen

If your card is lost or stolen, please contact Ruralco immediately so we can cancel to ensure against fraudulent use. There is a small charge associated with replacing lost or stolen cards.

Can I change the PIN on my Ruralco Mobilcard?

When you order the card you can request a PIN for it otherwise you will be provided with a randomly selected one. If you wish to change this you can contact Ruralco.

What other stations will accept my Ruralco Mobilcard?

You can use your Ruralco Mobilcard at various stations nationwide including Allied Petroleum, Nelson Petroleum Distributors (NPD),  Waitomo, Weallans, PAKn’SAVE and New World fuel outlets plus truck stops and unattended payment terminals. We have included some convenience stations however you will not receive a discount. For full information on what cards you can use at a station, and whether or not the discount applies check out our search page.

I didn’t get a discount when I purchased my fuel

All fuel discounts are shown on your account each month, not at the time of purchase.

Can I use a grocery voucher and get the Ruralco discount too?

Your Ruralco Card or Ruralco Mobilcard and the discount you receive cannot be used in conjunction with other discounts or offers. Unless the service station has a discounted pump price in relation to the national pump price – in which case you will receive your Ruralco discount on top of that on your account.

What about my bulk fuel, can I put that through Ruralco?

Yes, we have bulk fuel available through Allied Petroleum & Nelson Petroleum Distributors (NPD). For more information on bulk fuel click here