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Ruralco Card questions

Confused about your card? Check out our frequently asked questions below

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My card is lost or stolen

If your card is lost or stolen, please contact Ruralco immediately so we can cancel to ensure against fraudulent use. There is a small charge associated with replacing lost or stolen cards.

Order additional cards

You can request additional cards for your account. The account owner is liable for any outstanding debt incurred on cards issued to their account. To request an additional card or speak to us further, please contact us today.

I’ve just got a card, how do I use it?

To start using your card simply visit a Ruralco Supplier and the first time you swipe it, press credit then enter a PIN which will be remembered by your card for future purchasing.

How will I know where I can use my card?

You can find a full and up to date listing of suppliers here on the website, otherwise keep an eye out for our signage  in town and in newspapers and publications.

For a list of suppliers and their discounts in your region click here

I don’t have a card, how do I get one?

To have a Ruralco Card you must an account with Ruralco. If you wish to have an account with Ruralco and you must make your living from the land or an agricultural related industry, contact us and we will be in touch to help you through the process.

How much does it cost to have a card?

There is an annual account fee of $15+gst for one card per account or $30+gst for two or more cards per account. This includes suppliers who order cards for their M Account. If you want to order a new/extra Ruralco Card or Mobilcard there are no extra administration or card fees.

If you lose your Ruralco Card, you must notify us immediately. You will be charged $15+gst for a replacement card unless a Complaint Acknowledgement Form is produced from the Police.

There are no annual account charges for ATS members as this is part of your shareholding. Although there is a small fee for each replacement or additional card.

Is there a credit limit on the card?

No, there is no credit limit.

Can I have more than one card off my account?

Yes, you can have as many cards as you like off your account. There is no additional cost for each card.

Can I give a card to someone else?

Yes, you can either give someone a card directly off your account, however it is important to note that the account holder is ultimately liable for any outstanding debt and all charges will appear on your monthly statement.

How is this card different from any others?

We support local farmers, businesses and their communities by signing up the local businesses you use. Our discounts are real and applied at the time of purchase, rather than you collecting gimmicks or points. We also provide tax invoices for all farm/business purchases so there is no need to collect paperwork*.

*Invoices are not provided for ‘personal purchases’. As a general rule of thumb, if you swipe your card you will not be provided with a tax invoice from Ruralco so you will need to keep your receipt at time of purchase.

What is the difference between the Ruralco Card and the Ruralco Mobilcard?

The Ruralco Card can be used at every Ruralco Supplier nationwide, and also at Mobil Service Stations, Allied Fuel Stops and listed sites nationwide to purchase fuel. The Ruralco Mobilcard can be used for purchases at over 380 service stations nationwide and can be restricted to fuel and oil only. If you want learn more click here.

How do I set my PIN?

The first time you use the card, the PIN you enter will be set. If you wish to change this you can contact Ruralco.

Can I change my PIN?

Yes, to change your PIN number contact us on 0800 RURALNZ (787 256).

Can I still get the discount if I show my card but don’t charge the purchase to it?

No, you must charge the purchase to your Ruralco Card to receive the discount.

How do I find a supplier’s discount?

Every supplier’s discount is listed on their web page which you can find here.

I think I was given the wrong discount, what do I do?

If you don’t think you got the correct discount, please contact us with a copy of your receipt so we can follow up.

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